Well - just one.

There is no reason that Gwen couldn’t have been in this episode.

It would have been EASY to have her in the Camelot scenes and frankly it wouldn’t have been THAT hard to find a reason for her to accompany the knights on their quest. And her presence would have given the knights something interesting to have banter over beyond just being dicks to Merlin.

Morgana’s absence is excusable and as much as I love her I can see how shoe-horning her into every single episode just to have her once more fail to kill Arthur is going to feel forced and will end up being detrimental overall so not complaining. But Gwen should have been in this episode. Having NO women AT ALL - not a serving girl, not a female druid - NOUT - felt completely ridiculous. 

I just… ugh. This show is at its worst when it’s not even TRYING to live up to its potential and the potential of its characters. And this was a bloody boring episode as a result of its blatant lack of effort on that front. 

merlin 4x04 just ugh COME ON gwen

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    Yeah I don’t know how Gwen would have fit though. A friend said that she wouldn’t have fitted in and I kind of agree. Of...
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    …..there was gay and the ending was cute? Making an effort to attempt to save the reputation of the episode when on the...
  4. fromtoday said: my only positive thought for this episode was a quick ‘aww, isn’t the baby dragon cute’ right at the end. Other than that, I don’t remember paying very much attention… *shrug*
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    My desire to watch this episode is waning….
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    Yup! Just poor all round. An uncomfortable ep about all the men being dicks to each other and the writers pretending...
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    I don’t like you because this.
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