Angel Coulby | Good People [x]

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i saw this a couple of weeks ago she was SO.FUCKING.GOOD like hilariously funny and then heartbreaking and then terrifying and PERFECT ugh ANGEL YOU NEED TO GET THE LEAD IN SOMETHING PLEEEEEASE angel coulby gif warning


Angel Coulby (Kate) — In rehearsals for Good People at Hampstead Theatre.  source

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angel coulby FACE

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angel coulby i love you so muuuuuch imma see you in ur new play soon i am excite UGH HOW ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS

I tried to find as much footage as I could of the time to see how people moved in general, as well as while singing and performing. But I suppose I’ve got a bit of a flair for that kind of dancing and singing … So it actually all came quite naturally when we came to do it. We had a choreographer who worked with us occasionally, but when it came to me performing onstage they left me to it a bit and I just let it happen. And it seemed to work.” (x)

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YOU.ARE.AMAAAAAZING angel coulby dancing on the edge gif warning

Angel Coulby  modelling at the launch of The Headmistress Boutique (x)

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angel coulby asdfghjkl FAAAAACE

Laura Roebuck + outfits

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the tunnel angel coulby PRESCIOUS PERFECT ANGEL FACE gif warning

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angel coulby GUINEVEREEEEEE FACE gif warning
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angel coulby katie mcgrath i wish you two could be in something together again that isn't horrifically shit D: gif warning baaaaaabiiiiiiies

Laura Roebuck + outfits

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angel coulby the tunnel still the best thing about this show the best thing about EVERY show she's on damnit SOMEONE GIVE HER A FUCKING LEAD gif warning

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