Just stop being so adorable, clever, handsome and rot! I won’t have it! You are lovely <3.

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adetomiwa edun prettiest of all the knights Gwen has a very pretty brother

elyan and guinevere

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GUINEVEREEEEEE Gwen has a very pretty brother elyan these two need more scenes the end

elyan finds out about guinevere and arthur 

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gwen elyan Gwen has a very pretty brother DAMN WHY DIDN'T THEY GIVE US MORE OF THIS DYNAMIC IN S4? THEY'RE SO AWESOME


#i am going to have words with you when we get home #you are in so much trouble young man #and after all i did for you #you think arthur makes any ~free spirit~ a knight of camelot? #think again #you are getting dry chicken sandwiches for the rest of the year #no no don’t even think about sucking it up to the other knights for help #they’re in trouble too #so much trouble #drills, arthur #drills for hours at a time #I SAID DRILLS #care for a cuppa, merlin?

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Gwen has a very pretty brother GUINEVEREEEEEE *sporfle* 4x08




Elyan S3 (so needed this BAMFness on this blog)

Anyone else wants to see Elyan fighting with that battle axe?


Oh fuck yes! That would be so epic!

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Gwen has a very pretty brother CAN WE HAVE MORE OF THIS KNIGHT PLEASE?



Big brother protecting her little sister

I LOVED this scene! They haven’t seen each other for years but he sees Gwen there all scared and it’s just instant PROTECTIVE BROTHER MODE ON!

Why did we get, like, no sibling scenes between them after this ep? So much wasted potential

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Gwen has a very pretty brother I LOVE THESE TWO I will be SO PISSED if we don't get more scenes between them in S4 sibling dynamics are THE.BEST.THING.EVER and they make a great parallel to the Arthur/Morgana/Morgause sibling situation OOH LOOKET IT MOVING


 #remember when this came out and it was the best thing ever and ade’s perfect french did something to my insides?


Gwen has a very pretty brother adorbs I HEART THESE DORKS



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GUINEVEREEEEEE ANGEL YOU HUSSY adorbs her face Gwen has a very pretty brother seriously LOOKET THEIR LITTLE FACES omg OOH LOOKET IT MOVING

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Gwen has a very pretty brother MERLIN S4 OMG


Love them!

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Gwen has a very pretty brother