“Canton is nice. Vastra and Jenny are nice. Captain Jack is nice in both directions at once.”

Steven Moffat on openly gay characters in Doctor Who.

See also: AfterElton interview with Doctor Who Show Runner Steven Moffat:

AE: I’ve think you’ve done such a good job with all the different characters and representing the world the way it is. At some point, not having a gay character is like not having a black character. 

SM: Yeah. But you can’t be driven by that. I just think you should be open to it. It makes Canton more fun. The moment you hear that a whole other life just unfolds in your head.

Dude just makes me want to facepalm. And then kick shit. “a whole other life unfold[ing] in your head” is not enough. “a whole other life unfold[ing] in your head” is part of the problem. That word “other” is part of the problem. Fine, a story “can’t be driven” by taking conscious steps towards active representation (except no one said that? The whole point about representation is to normalise perceived other. Doctor Who is a prime launching pad for exploring a whole range of othered/minority peoples because the Doctor will be shocked by/judge nothing but malice basically. And so therefore the story with a minority character would continue on as usual, except oh boy! Diversification! How refreshing! But okay Moffat. Okay.)

Thing is, believing it’s enough to have the occasional one-liner is lame. Believing that a casual one-liner somehow makes a minority character “more fun” is negligent and potentially harmful (don’t get me wrong - Canton should be fun. He was fun. But that shouldn’t have anything to do with revelations about his sexuality). Believing that “a whole other world unfolds” in your audience’s head is somehow enough is bordering on … Idek. Idiocy? Is that the word I’m looking for, when the country in which your show is first (and endlessly) broadcast still has big problems with homophobia?

The interviewer is also a plonker. Representation in media does not boil down to one-offs and one-liner explanations/nods to diversity. Comparing having a queer character on screen to having a black character on screen makes no sense - neither of these minority groups have been adequately represented in Moffat’s run as showrunner. For that matter, no minority group has been. Let alone a character of colour who is also queer. That’s one which (correct me if I’m wrong) has never happened on Doctor Who, even in Rusty’s era.

Also Jack hasn’t been round Who since Rusty left so stop.

 #also shame on the official dw tumblr posting this and tagging it lgbt as if it’s an accomplishment

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