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An attempt to work with textures, all of which are originally from Lost & Taken

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Blanche Mottershead + Smoking

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Top 10 Characters
#10 - Played by Alex Kingston in Upstairs Downstairs

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blanche mottershead alex kingston upstairs downstairs i named my netbook after her!

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emilia fox upstairs downstairs alex kingston keeley hawes claire foy FACES

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blanche mottershead upstairs downstairs alex kingston emilia fox ugh i miss these two EPISODE REWATCH TIME


Spending their days trying to walk in a straight line, and just ending up going round and round in circles. 

trolololol upstairs downstairs Alex Kingston *sporfle*


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blanche mottershead upstairs downstairs Alex Kingston agnes holland period lesbians and their sassy straight friends

My River Song t-shirt arrived from gypsybluewho today! It has ‘hello sweetie’ written across the back. I am MOST pleased with it. Only wish it would just get warm enough for me to be able to have it on without having to cover it up with a sweatshirt all day. DARN SCOTTISH ‘SPRING’.

river song alex kingston doctor WOO MEEEEE gni wears things usually nerdy t-shirts (why yes those ARE my signed limited edition Merlin stamps hanging on my wall - why do you ask? :P)

» Blanche Mottershead (asked by curly-ginger)

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blanche mottershead Upstairs Downstairs Alex Kingston