So I have Feelings about this (no one is surprised). My primary feeling being yes good excellent - River’s queerness has been hinted at in canon but not strongly, so Word of God confirmation is pleasing to see. In general wrt to Moffat’s conversations on twitter about queerness in Doctor Who I feel like I want to send him some suggested reading or something so he can reframe what he’s saying in some ways, because once an academic always an academic, apparently. But twitter’s a lousy forum for these kinds of conversations and I grok what he’s getting at, that the world of Doctor Who is one in which current categories of sexuality as we understand it prove to be transient things that won’t matter so much in the future, and I like that a lot. Your mileage may vary, I do not speak for all queer Who fans, etc.

Anyway. Take-home point: River Song, definitely canonically into the ladies. <3

Yusss - like this is great (CANONICALLY BI RIVER YES. GOOD. THANK YOU.) but I really wish Moffat understood what he was talking about a LEETLE bit better. He strikes me as someone with basically the right intentions wrt women and queers, but very, very poor execution both in  his writing and in the way he frames his sentiments online. And given how much power he has, culturally, to shape certain narratives through his work, that isn’t really good enough. He’s in a position of responsibility, and if he wants to play with queer characters he has a duty to educate himself the same way I do when I write about a marginalised group who I don’t belong to. 

steven moffat the personal is political the politics of representation those really misogynist statements of his would be a LOT easier to get away from (given that they WERE taken really out of context) if he generated actual willing to educate himself on the issues at hand rather than flapping about assuming that because he's The Moff he no longer needs to push himself and because his INTENTIONS are good he can't be faulted no steven - steven no