Not only are their spending habits as a nonprofit horrible (mainly because the organization has so far only been successful at sending rich white kids to Africa),


but if you watch their first documentary, it’s basically a bunch of privileged kids running into Africa to try and “save” Africans.


Which putting the orientalism and blatant racism aside, the problem with that is they have NO CLUE what they are doing. They end up using American sympathy to pressure the Ugandan government to try and meet with Kony to work out a truce, he agrees, and they celebrate as saviors of Africa. The Ugandan government would not have done that had a bunch of white kids not caused such a ruckus. Kony ended up using the cease fire as a way to build up more troops, and shift his military, resulting in the rape, killing, and kidnapping of thousands of people. Their second move was to pressure the Obama admin to send troops there… which derailed a second peace process and resulted once again in the killing and raping of hundreds of people in retaliation.


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yup the personal is political i knew this looked fishy but then i'm generally suspicious of any movement that bases its efforts on making white people feel good about themselves for 'rescuing' brown people ugh fail