My favorite memory of Merlin from filming was in the first season, actually.  We were all playing hide-and-seek in the castle, at night time.  For some reason, all four of us weren’t in a scene together and all decided to play hide-and-seek in the dark, in our full costumes.  That was fun. - Katie McGrath

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For TheLadyLeFay :)

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I don’t want people sending me milk!

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Katie: “I just got a little distracted. I’m not going to lie to you. Because behind me is the very famous Colin Morgan. He spends his life distracting me. Yeah, you go. His little face. You just want to keep him don’t you? Bless him.”



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i have watched this every single time i've scrolled past it on my dash IT'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE DAMIT KATIE YOU NEED TO STOP (except don't ever) katie mcgrath colin morgan Irish magical types are hot

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From the beginning to the end…

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katie mcgrath bradley james angel coulby colin morgan epic cast is epic


Merlin cast: Radio Times, October 2012

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um. GUYS. Could you all stop chicken-littling about this thing for long enough to consider that in actual fact we have NO IDEA if what this journalist is upset about has anything to do with the potential Bradley/Angel photoshoot?

And that, if you check her twitter, it seems that actually this is about an interview she’s doing with Colin Morgan and a fan being rude about THAT and thus has NOTHING TO DO with fans being horrible about Angel? (Even though that is a legit thing that happened and is every shade of wrong in the rainbow, of course.)

Just… don’t blow this into something bigger than it is and don’t start pestering this journalist over something that has nothing to do with anything! That’s not going to make the fandom look any less crazy!

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