An attempt to work with textures, all of which are originally from Lost & Taken

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Doctor Who genderswap - Emilia Fox as the Master

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here’s to my glorious bachelor existence.

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Title: Steady the Cup
Rating:  R
Characters/Pairings:  Morgana/Morgause
Spoilers/warnings:  Morgana/Morgause so, you know, incest
Summary: A missing scene from The Sins of the Father. 

She comes that night, and puts her hands on Morgana, and it’s been so long – too long – and it feels like a miracle, and it’s over too quickly.

“Sorry,” Morgana murmurs, embarrassed.

“So eager,” Morgause is amused. “What are you apologising for?”

“Is has… been a little while.”

“Don’t you have that pretty lady’s maid?”

Morgana wonders how she knows. But then, Morgause clearly knows a great deal more than she should about almost everything.

“Gwen and I have known each other too long. She’s grown bored of me.”

“Bored of you?”

“Or at least – I suspect she has been distracted.”

“I can’t imagine anyone having their attention diverted from one such as yourself once they have you,” Morgause is murmuring it into Morgana’s wrist, kissing where the skin is translucent, the veins papery and pulsing. Morgana likes the feel of her breath, it is hot and it is real, somehow more intimate than a kiss.

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“There’s a lot to take in, and the baby’s obviously feeling it too. Yesterday I was a little bit worried we might be making a hasty trip to hospital, so I’m not quite sure who’s going to get to the finishing post first.”

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I’ve accumulated so many Silent Witness screencaps and potential gifs, I don’t know where to start.. argh.

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cover of the Quarterly spring 2012, not sure about her haircut

emilia fox freddie fox edward fox family of BAMFS or possibly vampires i wasn't the only one whose mind went to vampires right?

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