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In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

when u try your best but u don’t succeed

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omg photography FAIL


Ever hear of LookHuman? You probably know them as the website that has apparel and accessories with catchy slogans and phrases that fit right in with the tumblr community’s sense of humor.

Well, that’s because a large number of those catchy slogans and phrases, along with artwork, were made by tumblr users and used without credit or permission.

That’s right: LookHuman repeatedly and routinely steals/plagiarizes and profits off the work and words of others.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  1. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  2. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  3. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  4. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  5. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:
  6. Original Post on tumblr:image
    Stolen by LookHuman:image
  7. Original Post on tumblr:

    Stolen by LookHuman:

And this is just a short list of the examples I could find easily.

They have also stolen work from other websites as well:

Original Shirt:



Stolen by LookHuman:


LookHuman is a company that preys on artists. They profit off other people’s work. None of the money from their sales go back to the original artists or originators of the artwork, slogans, and phrases they use. None of these people were credited.

Bottom line: See a cute shirt with a catchy phrase on LookHuman’s website? Chances are it’s already being sold by the original poster.

Don’t like seeing companies like this thrive? Don’t allow them to.





122 N Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Tell LookHuman that you do not support art theft and plagiarism, and demand that they stop engaging in these practices. Refuse to buy from their store until they change their policies and begin crediting the artists whose work they are profiting off of.

Protect artists.

Support artists.

Boycott art thieves.

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So I might be beating a dead horse at this point, but, for all of y’all who were throwing your support to Rooney Mara/Warner Brothers for her casting as Tiger Lily in Pan citing “she was probably the best actress for the part!” or some other bull, here’s more proof that Hollywood is racist and you need to not blindly defend things you have no knowledge on…

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oh FOR FUCK'S SAKE i shouldn't be surprised should i the politics of representation FAIL


You know who else doesn’t get slots on library shelves? Pro-smoking advocates. Also, flat-earth enthusiasts. Neither do books about the luminiferous aether, or biblical creationism, or any of dozens of other subjects where the professionals have determined through careful and rigorous study that an argument has no intellectual merit, and promotes misinformation. Libraries do, in fact, discriminate - they discriminate in favor of information and against misinformation. When your books are full of misinformation and outright hatred, expect not to have a high priority for limited shelf space and budget dollars.

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oh ffs FAIL



- Abbie & Ichabod use completely misrepresented bit butchered bits of “Mohawk” mythology (actually Christian mythology with a bit of dressing) - and butcher the language while they’re at it - to figure out how to save Abbie

- The show uses Haudenosaunee involvement in the Revolutionary War (which was divisive and devastating to our confederacy in many ways) to prop up Ichabod’s “progressive” credentials

- Our stars run up on the first “Mohawk” person they see and demand that he helps them and assume that he has some sort of “mystic” knowledge

- This person brings them to a sweat lodge where there are a bunch of cultural pieces of Native tribes and cultures not our own (we don’t wear Plains style war bonnets)

- And initiates a ceremony that is both not an actual thing and, if it were, would be performed by a medicine society and not fucking filmed and put on a show

- But, I’m supposed to like that they gave a cursory nod to the genocide of my peoples and tried to go for an “LOL, we’re subverting stereotypes but not rly” with our “Gerominoters” saleman

Not here for it. Not even kind if here for it. I defer to my Kanienkehaka kin on this, but uggggghhhhh.

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uuuugh sleepy hollow fail





Head of Barilla pasta says ‘We won’t include gays in our ads’

“I would never make a spot with a homosexual family. Not out of a lack of respect but because I don’t see it like they do. (My idea of) family is a classic family where the woman has a fundamental role,” said Guido Barilla, president of Barilla Pasta.

Not only does he manage to insult gay families, but he gets a pretty good potshot in there at women too.

“We have a different concept with regard to the gay family. For us, the concept of the sacred family remains a fundamental value of the company”.

Don’t gay people eat pasta?

“That’s fine if they like our pasta and our communication, they can eat them. Otherwise they can eat another pasta. You can’t always please everyone”.

Time to buy a different brand of pasta.

“As a father of multiple children, I believe it’s very hard to raise kids in a same-sex couple”.

I hope they don’t get their family values from dad.

Welp, never buying Barilla again.

Yeah, I don’t need Barilla products in my house.

Dammit, there goes our default brand of noodles. Not giving them another cent of my money.

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FAIL the personal is political


Why Straight Pride is super gross and bigoted, and if you support if we can’t be friends

A presentation by me.

Since apparently some people don’t fucking get it.

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super gross the personal is political no fail
"Can someone tell me whether we’re supposed to be offended by Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Tonto or not? Must know for dinner parties/twitter."

Lena Dunham Does That Thing That Lena Dunham Does

Yeah, she actually asked that on Twitter. Next time I see a fauxminist site peddling her series because “OMG WE NEED MORE WOMEN ON TV”, I’m going to go be the Hulk to their sorry Loki. There is nothing worth defending in her or her products at this stage. And if I am supposed to consume her flavor of shit because it’s about women, well, I’d rather die of starvation.

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and i had to spend like half an hour explaining to filmschool peeps why i deeply DEPPLY dislike this woman uuuuuuuuuuugh the personal is political FAIL gross


Geena Davis relayed this story at a lecture she gave at my university on the lack of decent female representation in children’s media. She’s been leading research on the subject to present it to studio executives and get more respectable female characters in shows.

She presented scores of terrible statistics about what little girls watch on television and recreate themselves at the Writer and Animators Guild. One of the executives in the audience raised his hand to comment, “We’d put more female characters in films, except that they’re so boring.”

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fuuuuuuuuucking bastards the politics of representation fail


So you have Seth MacFarlane sexualizing 9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis with the joke:

just to put it into perspective how young quvenzhane wallis is, it will be sixteen years before she’s too old for george clooney

You have The Hollywood Reporter feeling the need to publish the “brutally honest” ramblings of an Oscar voter who stated that they wouldn’t vote for Quvenzhané because they couldn’t pronounce her name.

I also don’t vote for anyone whose name I can’t pronounce. Quvez—-? Quzen—-? Quyzenay? Her parents really put her in a hole by giving her that name — Alphabet Wallis. The truth is, it’s a very sweet but immature performance from a 9-year-old. I’ve directed children. They probably did a thousand takes and put the best ones together.”

And it’s not limited to this one person.



And you have the Onion calling Quvenzhané Wallis a “cunt” because that’s apparently what everyone is thinking.


And I’m sure you can imagine what other lovely tidbits are floating around the interwebs from the white folks who outraged at the fact that she’s going to be playing Annie. Oh wait.








As Quvenzhané becomes more and more prominent in the media, the vitriol and ridiculousness will grow and become more prevalent and more targeted. I can only imagine what things I could find if I actually devoted time to trolling the internet or what words will be written when promotional media starts coming out for Annie.

And we’re supposed to believe that their isn’t an attack on Black women and girls in this country/world.

uh huh. okay.

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really REALLY? and yet I am weirdly unsurprised by how vile the world is being about this awesome kid OH RACIST MISOGYNISTIC HETERODOXY NEVER CHANGE YOU MASSIVE BAG OF DICKS fail the personal is political tw: racism tw: misogyny