Title: The Bodyguard
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gwen/Morgana
Warnings: None. Unless you count Morgana threatening to turn a maid into a frog.

Summary: Gwen is the rightful once and future queen. Morgana is her spectacularly bad tempered bodyguard.

 The Bodyguard

Morgana stamps into court at a little past lunch time that afternoon, dragging a kitchen maid by the hair.

“Found her!” She shakes the maid.

The maid is screaming and sobbing which makes it rather hard to hear what Morgana is saying, but Gwen gets the gist.

“Morgana, put the girl down.”

Morgana has a particularly manic gleam in her eyes. Gwen knows it to be the same one she gets at the prospect of going to war or castrating the men who attack unsuspecting women down dark allies.

“But I’d so much rather take my knife to her! Cut her up – I’ve a potion that calls for the bones of a virgin – ”

This is not helpful. The girl’s screams grow higher pitched and desperate. Morgana seems to think that shaking her harder might quiet her, but it in fact has the opposite effect.

The court stands petrified before the spectacle.

“Morgana,” Gwen begins again, louder and firmer. “Put. The girl. Down. You’re hurting her.”

Morgana snorts, sighs, and tosses the girl away from her in disgust. “Won’t you even let me turn her into a toad?”

“No,” Gwen folds her arms. “What has she done?”

“Tried to poison you.” Morgana holds up a little vile of something grey and evil smelling, “I found her putting this into your goblet. Tell the queen who paid you?”

The girl begins to babble, shaking, incoherent, eyes huge, hands clasped – she makes absolutely no sense. Gwen sighs, orders her guards to have the girl taken down to the dungeons until she has calmed enough to talk, and then retires to her chambers, calling Morgana after her.

Morgana skulks along in her wake like a sulky child.

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Gwen & Morgana, Modern AU: Summer Time

I love drawing these two so much! <3

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whatcriddidd: Guinevereeeeeeeeeee 

She doesn’t miss Morgana. Not really. That’s the sadness of it. She stopped after a while - and when she realised she had stopped she grew sad for that but the emotion was a misty, vague one and dissipated quickly. Now there is only a faint, puzzling disjoint when she thinks of her. The spoiled mistress, the well-meaning (if occasionally oblivious) friend, the genuinely warm hearted young woman who tied ribbons into Gwen’s hair - and the creature who now stalks shadows and nightmares somewhere beyond the walls of the castle. Gwen can only think of one or the other, as if they are two distinct entities (and in many ways, they are) and to focus too hard on the hinge between the two leaves her feeling faintly sick. Why does she still feel guilty?

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Title: Innocuous Places
Pairing: Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Gwen/Arthur,  Gwen/Merlin
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: Cheating, vague S4 spoilers
Summary: Modern day AU; Gwen has the misfortune to discover that the only woman on earth whom she has ever wanted to have sex with is also her fiance’s sister. 

Notes: This story is for whatcriddid, for poking me into entering a screen writing competition I ended up doing quite well at. HURRAH.

They do it in the dark, because that makes it easier to pretend that it isn’t happening. And generally speaking, they do it in innocuous places, too. Illegitimate places. Places no one should be having sex. Not toilets (gross) but – well. The first time is in a broom cupboard.

Morgana pulls Gwen against her, fumbling at her hips and shoulders and neck in the dark, and kisses her, has to feel for her mouth, wet and soft. She steals away Gwen’s breath and makes her want to cry, just for a minute, because she has never wanted anything like this before and it is possibly the single worst time to be wanting it. (Why now? Why the fuck now?)

But for a few minutes she forgets everything and pins her consciousness to the moment – to Morgana’s milky tongue, her insistent fingers, her hot skin. They are all the things Gwen wanted from her, immediately and inexplicably upon first laying eyes on her the week before. She’d arrived at the Pendragon mansion (mansion!) with Arthur, who’d promised her it wasn’t as huge as it looked from down the bottom of the half-mile long driveway. Then he’d taken her into the ground floor living room, where his half sister was curled up on the sofa with a book.

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