legit my biggest gripe with any series is when the protagonists do shit that’s just as bad, or worse, than what the antagonists do, but it’s all framed as A-OKAY when they do it solely because they’re the “good guys”

especially glaring when the shit the protags are doing are the exact things that were previously used to define the antags as villains 

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merlin bwahahaa ACCURATE

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merlin ahhhh look at all the totally wasted potential don't it make you sick gif warning


It makes me so angry that the Merlin writers are all ‘We feel like we told all of the story we were supposed to’

Which really translates as ‘Fuck it, we can’t keep coming up with shit so let’s cut loose now so they think we had a ~plan~ all along’

When fandom could easily give them like 2 series worth of awesome storylines jesus fucking christ

  • Magic Reveal!
  • Flashback episode with young Uther/Igraine/Nimueh/Gaius, you don’t even have to get new sets just film it in the castle!!
  • Gwen/Lancelot done RIGHT with Gwen genuinely being torn between Arthur and Lancelot and no fucking bracelets
  • Morgana having a believable storyline instead of going from lovely caring woman to cackling 2D witch
  • Actually Morgana can stay the way she was I don’t want her going evil, Gwen/Morgana bffs forever and the OT4
  • OH THE OT4
  • Knights who do things
  • Like seriously Gwaine is useless these days and he was supposed to be COURAGE
  • More Hunith
  • Oh shit maybe the flashback episode could start with Uther/Igraine, Balinor/Hunith and go through the years so then we have the scenes with Baby Merlin/Hunith where she cares for him and is sad his Dad has gone but loves him and then we have Uther who Arthur hardly ever sees and is cold towards him but he doesn’t understand why
  • Arthur finding out what happened to his Mum WITH NO TAKE BACKS
  • Arthur and Merlin post reveal in a battle together being awesome
  • Less Gaius telling Merlin he’s making shit up
  • lbr less Gaius
  • so many things
merlin BASICALLY what makes me truly angry about this show is that there are people out there with more talent and more integrity in their little fingers than people like Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy who will struggle to EVER get access to the creative resources these men had at their fingertips whilst making Merlin these men had toys that any number of us in fandom could have created AMAZING things with or if not amazing then at least MARGINALLY SATISFYING and they fucked about for five years then gave up well no actually they fucked about for two years then gave up the ARROGANCE of that - the GAUL of these men to throw away this kind of opportunity just UUUUUGH as a 'young professional' in this industry (as I suppose I can vaguely be called now) I AM PERSONALLY AFFRONTED PERSONALLY.AFFRONTED.


So because…

a) they’ve decided to air this on Christmas Eve of all times

b) because I think it’s a train-wreck of a finale that means everyone failed and that’s not satisfying no mater how well acted it is


c) because so many people are tragically saying ‘oh the producers wouldn’t end it like that!’

…I felt I had to say something. Or, at least, I know how I’D feel if I was going into this episode blind and saw it on Christmas Eve and I think it’s pretty horrible that they’ve ended like this on that day of the year. I genuinely cringe every time I see someone thinking it’s going to turn out well. It REALLY doesn’t. I could understand if it ended like this AFTER a time of great triumph. But there’s no triumph, just a tragic mess.

(This is not speculation, it’s FACT from a very reliable source associated with the show who, as I’m sure you understand, I’m not prepared to reveal)

So to make a few things clear without spilling the beans entirely:

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guys this is worth reading if you are invested in this show if you know that a bad ending will fuck with your head (because however ridiculous it is fandom CAN fuck with our heads) please heed this health warning i've been side-swiped by horrible things happening to shows/characters I loved at times when I've been very vulnerable before (see: Marian's death on Robin Hood) if you are feeling vulnerable and if you love this show PLEASE put serious thought into whether or not you want to watch this finale I know exactly what's coming and it is going to be very very ugly merlin aka THAT FUCKING SHOW fandom is srsbsns

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merlin aka THAT FUCKING SHOW will just be over here making up the show i want to see in my head


BBC Merlin.

You are literally doing everything wrong.

The fact that every potentially good magic character has been killed off demonstrates that you’re doing it wrong.

When you have your viewers unable to root for the heroes and instead rooting for the villains, you’re doing it wrong.

When you only have two consistent women on the show, killed off literally half (1 of 2) your total POCs, and a sea of white holier than thou knights, you’re doing it wrong (also when that lone POC is brainwashed, for 3 consecutive episodes, I find that to underlie some questionable intent).

When you’ve ruined the characterizations of individuals we’ve loved from the beginning, you’re doing it wrong.

When you have your viewers counting down the episodes and consider it a blessing that the show is ending, you’re fucking doing it wrong.

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BASICALLY merlin aka THAT FUCKING SHOW the politics of representation merlin is srs bsns fandom is srsbsns this show is an example of the WORST narrative decision making I have seen since Robin Hood it may actually out-fuck Robin Hood and Robin Hood was FUCKED

longjackets replied to your post: I should go to sleep.

It’s oddly cathartic to see these posts grieving it when I’m rather numb about the whole thing. I don’t understand my feelings anymore.

Yeah. I am having a graduation type feeling (I was numb for most of that, too). I found it easier to hold other people’s hands than to actually dissect what I was feeling.

longjackets idk what i'm feeling what are feelings feels what merlin

But I kind of want to sit up with the Merlin fandom for a little while, like a mum with a sick kid.

shhh there there little fandom it's alllll going to be okay there will be other shows and the cast will do better things and we'll always have fanfic remember how you like fanfic? yeah you like fanfic *petpet* merlin



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C’mon LJ even you must be sad. No more Colin every week! We’re gonna have to wait till he makes movies to see his perfect face! And what happens if he just does theatre for awhile? It’ll be even longer between gifsets and photos :(

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The show, as a proper watch-for-the-plot-want-to-see-things-progress sort of show, ended for me when s5 started. But I still have so much love for the previous seasons, so much love for the characters and all the myriad of relationships, many of which the show merely hints at. And the cast has somehow wormed their way into my heart and I actually care about their careers. Lol.

But, it’s true. I enjoy lots of shows but I don’t have as complex a relationship with them as I do Merlin. Merlin and its fandom taught me so many things. I made so many good friends online. This show is just bound up in so many other things that its absence is going to impact me in many ways. The point is, Merlin is more than a show for me and even when the show started to disappoint, I still had everything else that it was.

Basically, I’m sad because I suspect I might lose more than just a TV show.


All of this. I have an extremely complicated relationship with Merlin. I love many, many TV shows - and I DON’T love Merlin, not in its current form - but I don’t think any others have ever had the impact on my real life the way that Merlin has (nor do I expect any other media to impact me this profoundly again - it’s a life-stage thing). 

The fact is that there are many people who I now know who have profoundly impacted who I am and how I see myself in extremely positive ways, none of whom I would know without this fucking show. Quite aside from that, I would absolutely NOT be on the career path that I currently am had Merlin and its fandom not given me the kick-start that it did back when it started airing, when I was nineteen. The word ‘formative’ is a major fucking understatement here.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Merlin has potentially impacted who I am and what I will be doing professionally for the rest of my life.

That is a big fucking deal. It’s weird and it’s a little fucked up, but it’s the truth of the situation. Five years is a long time, particularly when that five years bridges someone passing out of their teens and into their early twenties. Of course Merlin has deeply influenced who I am and who I will be for a long time to come.

I’m not sad fine I’m a little sad, mostly I’m relieved, but I’m also kind of… numb? This is ultimately the end of an era, one that has had major and far-reaching consequences for me personally. It’s a similar feeling to the one I had when I graduated - I was glad that was over, too, but also kind of profoundly struck by how I was never, ever going to get this period of my life back and I was never, ever going to experience anything like it again.