2x12 DVD Commentary

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morgcest ftw it's sad how significant this commentary is to my dissertation like REALLY significant because it proves that the cast and crew understand that this subtext existing is a thing and they clearly understood it very early on AND THAT MEANS SOMETHING I JUST HAVEN'T DECIDED WHAT YET gif warning



Merlin Cast Commentary // 2.12 The Fires of Idirsholas- in which Katie says what everyone else is thinking.

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cause you know this totally wasn't gay gif warning morgcest ftw
Merlin Meme; six brotps [5/6]
“I hope you will remember me fondly.”

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Morgause and Morgana by ~Sharonliv-Arzets


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Morgana/Morgause in “Sins of the Father”

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Friends and enemies: Morgana and Morgause

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Morgana x Morgause (for i-canz-kill-dragon)

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