I think I’m the only one who doesn’t ship Merthur… not as a couple, at least. They’re best friends and I get where the shipping comes from but I think they’re best friends and that’s that.

I don’t. But I don’t particularly watch the show for them either so…

#Give me a show with Gwen and Morgana being the main leads please #It would be awesome #and you know it would be #because angel and katie would rock that shit #and i can’t help but think it’d be less frustrating #and silly #but you know merlin and arthur and blah blah blah #so bored with them

So true!!!  I just have so many issues with Arthur and Merlin’s relationship, even just as friends.  The way they treat each other is beyond horrible.  Gwen and Morgana treat each other horribly now too, but they’re supposed to hate each other now!

And oh man, the acting with Angel and Katie as the leads?  It would be fucking amazing!

Thank you. Guinevere and Morgana supposed to be enemies. How people can like the name calling and treatment from one to the other when it comes to Merlin and Arthur is beyond me. I get it’s suppose to be funny and jokey and all “hey, look, kids’ show” but it’s been four years. People grow up and they stop doing that crap.

I always liked they Gwen/Morgana started as friends (and if someone doesn’t believe that they were friends then at least they had a good working relationship). Considering they were keeping big secrets from one another in S2 that could have EASILY been the start of that original relationship breaking down into the two not trusting each other. And from there you could get to hatred, especially when the other found out the secret. But no, that would pass the quota of allotted screen time for the female characters.

If I ever get the time I’m writing that story, the one that should have been shown in S2 between Gwen and Morgana. Although I think that means I have to go back and watch S2 and I just don’t have any desire to do that. At least not right now.

Oh, believe me, the shit the PTB pulled with their relationship in s2 is something we bitch about quite a bit.  It’s absolutely unbelievable what was sacrificed with their story for silliness between the guys.  The fact that Uther and Gaius, and later even the knights, get more time devoted to them than Gwen and Morgana’s relationship is just fucked up because their relationship had the potential of being the most interesting on the show.  For example, if you just go by what the show tells us, it’s never quite clear what makes Morgana so furious about Gwen becoming queen that it leads her to wanting Gwen dead.  Katie has stated in an interview that it’s because Gwen is getting the acceptance from her family, from her people, that Morgana has always craved, and that combined with everything else going on in Morgana’s mind leads her to believe that the only thing she can do is kill Gwen to get what she needs.  Which makes a lot of sense!  But we never really get to see that in the show.  It’s clear that she’s jealous of Gwen, but it’s not clear why.

And what’s even more depressing is that the PTB’s sad excuse for development of their relationship is still probably one of the most positive and interesting takes on Guinevere and Morgan le Fay’s relationship in any retelling of the legend.  This is something that we will fix!

I have stopped reblogging stuff like this especially often because I get very, very, very, VERY angry when I start thinking about what happened (or, really, what didn’t happen) with Gwen and Morgana’s relationship from S2 onwards. Like, ridiculously worked up, heart pounding, palms sweaty, face heating up WRATH of the angry feminist. Because it’s not fucking fair. It’s absolutely not. This show has dedicated episodes to EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of its central male characters - fucking GAIUS has had three episodes with him as a central concern - and yet we have NEVER had an episode that focuses that much on Gwen and Morgana.

And what pisses me off is that it for them to fail to feature that relationship. Narratively speaking, the Guinevere/Morgan le Fey dynamic has ALWAYS been a keen point of interest in recent Arthurian adaptations and here was the PERFECT opportunity to play it out from a new, original angle. And the writers bypassed it completely. 

WHY? What the FUCK was the point? If you can give us THREE FUCKING EPISODES about GAIUS you can give us ONE about Gwen and Morgana. IT IS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD, YOU MISOGYNIST, ANDROCENTRIC ASSHOLES.

Did these people genuinely think that we’d be more interested in Gaius than Gwen and Morgana? Really? REALLY? I just - I just - I cannot.

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and now i will stop before i get too worked up to sleep properly but for reals i get to ridiculous blinding levels of rage about this shit like rage even i have to admit is POINTLESS to harbour about a tv show when instead what i should be doing is writing my own material and getting into film school finding an agent and clawing my way into this industry so i can make sure this crap gets way.less.common because androcentrism needs to fucking.STOP. already particularly in shows aimed at a supposedly 'family' audience it disturbs me that 'family' has basically come to mean middle class cis straight white male for the people in charge of this show that is privilege and it needs to be fucking CHECKED Because Merlin has never brought Arthur flowers the politics of representation