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blanche x portia blanche mottershead portia alresford Alex Kingston emilia fox upstairs downstairs

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blanche x portia Alex Kingston Blanche Mottershead Upstairs Downstairs portia alresford emilia fox UNNNNF

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Have already fancast Suranne Jones as Blanche’s next love interest who then gets into a triangle with her when Portia pops up again.

(Yes Suranne plays the TARDIS in Neil Gaiman’s ep of Doctor Who. What of it?)

Suranne would play the POLAR opposite of Portia - a working class rough and ready type in overalls with a bit of swagger, young and cocky, sweeps Blanche off her feet and squares up to Portia. Blanche finds herself having to choose between the sweet (if slightly niave) but brash and devoted woman who is unattached but also working class (tackling a bit of class prejudice thar) and Portia who she knows much better and who she ostensibly has more in common with but who she knows will never really be totally hers.

Bonus points for a Suranne/Emilia Fox confrontation in which Suranne’s character accuses Portia of not loving Blanche enough, Portia accuses Suranne’s character of simply not understanding anything about how the world (read: upper class life) really works and of not really having anything in common with Blanche, Suranne’s character gets all up in Portia’s grill about her being stuck up and not gay enough, Portia slaps her and Blanche has to jump on Suranne’s character to stop her breaking Portia’s nose. 

Resulting threesome optional.

WOO 1930s QUEER CULTURE CLASH - the intellectual high society lesbians who drifted around Europe writing novels and having affairs meet the bouncing, brawling working class lesbians who worked in sewers and factories and on barges, snogging women and hanging out in gay pubs singing outrageous songs about their sweethearts.

srsly S3 needs to make this happen Suranne actually has a really awesome no-nonsense Northern accent which is what inspired this wee plot bunny Blanche x Portia upstairs downstairs blanche mottershead portia alresford

Title: The British Museum
Rating: M
Pairing: Blanche/Portia
Fandom: Upstairs Downstairs
Summary: A chance meeting and Blanche feels the fragmented parts of their lives colliding; their last meeting before the episode.

Note: A wee bitty primer for tonight’s ep - angst with a side of smut. :) 

They had never made love on British soil before. Never so much as allowed themselves to cross paths here. Somehow, it felt like sacrilege. Theirs was an arrangement that belonged to distant places – easily set aside for Portia, easily denied by Blanche when convenient for her to forget that she could never truly have the person she loved.

Yet here was Portia and the temptation to kiss her was immense. A passion forced by habit – she was too used to being able to have whatever she wanted of Portia’s body, Portia ever pliant and willing, when they were alone. But this was different. This was England, all rain and cobbled streets, home (somewhere) to Portia’s little children, and they were alone in the shadow of the Elgan marbles in the British Museum, technically after hours but still liable to be discovered at any moment.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, with the implied this is against the rules remaining silent because technically they didn’t have ‘rules’ and the fact that they weren’t ever meant to meet anywhere but abroad had always remained unspoken.

Portia shrugged – a slight, helpless gesture – and smiled winningly. “I wanted to see you.”

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blanche x portia upstairs downstairs emilia fox alex kingston blanche mottershead portia alresford fic



Rule number one: Always reblog The Kiss in anyway shape or form.

Oh, ok.

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blanche x portia Blanche Mottershead Upstairs Downstairs Portia Alresford emilia fox Alex Kingston

Title: Hats and Pirates
Fandom: Upstairs Downstairs
Pairing: Blanche/Portia
Rating: PG
Summary: The first time they meet, Portia steals Blanche’s hat and Blanche save’s Portia’s life.

Her hair had grown long and – inevitably – utterly out of control. There had been nothing but a man’s razer to hack at it with since they’d left Cairo, and Blanche had quickly determined that that did nothing but make it look far worse. So because she was young and still under the impression that what one’s hair looked like mattered a fig in the grand scheme of things, she had done her best to hide it, scraping it all up into a bun and then putting on a hat and keeping it there. Of course bits were always on the loose, creeping out from under the wide brim and getting into her eyes or tickling her nose, but the general impression was at least semi-respectable and that had satisfied her enough that she could get on with her work without feeling self-conscious.

Then Portia had arrived, with a trio of insipidly dull friends, a sleepy elderly matron who was meant to chaperoning and an oily creature named Henry, and promptly lost her own hat overboard, into the depths of the Nile. So she had asked for Blanche’s.

“My skin will burn! I’m very fair, you know,” Portia held out one thin, pale hand expectantly.

Blanche had eyed her sceptically. Had she not been so unnerved by how beautiful Portia was she likely would have laughed in the spoiled girl’s face and refused. She needed her hat and it was Portia’s own fault for being too silly to bring a spare. But the fact was that she was young and prone  being bowled over by good looking young heiresses so all she managed to do was blink and open and close her mouth a little indignantly before taking off her hat and handing it over.

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blanche x portia upstairs downstairs emilia fox alex kingston Portia Alresford Blanche Mottershead fic by meeeee


Blanche and Portia Kiss - “Upstairs Downstairs” -

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