"I don’t want you engaging Helena.” 

                    -  ”You’re afraid of what she’ll do…or what I’ll do?”

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"you okay?"


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Got your blood on my blade drippin, I ain’t kiddin

Things I love: Women with cold weapons.

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New Magnus Hastings outtakes

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[image description: a set of six gifs from the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet, all featuring Nan and Flo, smiling at each other and kissing]

Flo: Tipping the velvet? Why what ever can that be?
Nan: You don’t know?
Flo: Well it sounds like something to do with dress making or millinary, but it can’t be. No one would pay to watch that.
Nan: No. It isn’t.

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New Lady Sif poster for Thor: The Dark World

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orphan black meme - cophine’s scenes

↳♥ It’s oddly romantic

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Some days i think fatphobes are just jelly. 

Beach bodies.

I want this on my blog again because these ladies look like me and it is cool.

I’m a transmn and I still really want a pretty bikini omg

The topmost picture of the girl in red ensemble made me so freaking jelly because that is exactly my body type and my mum would throw me out of the house if dont “cover my fat”. Man I wish i had their confidence.

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